James Constant


        The structure of the Greek state is guaranteed by the alliance between Greek, European and American elites. The state is supported economically and militarily by the European and American elites who along with the Greek elites hold power and obtain wealth. Greek elites are brokers between Greek debtor commoners and foreign creditors. Being unproductive itself the Greek state periodically obtains loans whose proceeds go into the pockets of the elites, directly as privileges appointments and commissions and indirectly as money spent to maintain control of government and military. Historically, a class of government and military loyalists has developed assuring splitting the public vote between pro and anti government factions. In time loans were spent, by external wars, internal civil wars, self favoritism, government operations and, being guaranteed by the commoner public must be paid. At such times the public demurs and threatens the elite power and wealth. Since 1821, the date the Greeks started their revolution for independence from the Ottoman Turks, there have been six civil wars in which pro government Greek fought anti government Greek. Pro government forces, backed by European and American powers, have always won these civil wars thereby maintaining the structure of the state organized by the 1% Greek elites intact. In each case, the 99% commoners, including pro and anti government non combatant sympathizers, suffered the devastations of war and their unborn children were obligated to pay the bills.

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